Personal information

Organization Delica Wing
Born place Hatsukaichi-city, Hiroshima
Height 168cm
Weight 67kg
Blood type A
Born date April 8,1987
Old schools, and sports that he was playing Saeki middle school, Japanese art of fencing
Saeki high school, archery
Interest Archery
Motto Let one shot have it all
Family Five, Parents and two sisters
Favorite food Sweet or Hot things
Food dislike Bitter thing
Respecter My coach
Advantage Not giving up, even if I couldn’t do it
Drawback Shy around strangers


I started archery when I was in high school. And when I was in the university, I didn’t know how to give up so I hold out, and then I am going to compete at World Cup for earning a place for the Olympic Game.

By the result World Cup game, it’s gonna be decided that I can go to next London Olympic or not.
I’m NEET now but, by so many support from Organizations and people in my hometown, I could go to the World Cup game.

I’m going to train well to get good news for people who support me, so please keep up your support!